Monday, 30 May 2011

Teaching, Exhibiting and Record Collecting!

Phew! I've been so busy teaching recently I haven't had any time to make any new work, I have a show in less than two months too, eeeeek!
Well I made one piece this weekend’s-not for the show, but perhaps for another show in the future. I was on a digital imaging course this weekend @ Swansea Print Workshop (now on twitter!) And I made a single work about... Lamas! It's called 'Lama Piece' I've not outputted it yet properly onto paper, but then I don't need to exhibit it yet so shall wait to print it out specially with a base of lovely shiny inks and digital grounds.
The other thing that I've been engrossed with recently is record collecting, I was forced to buy a record player due to record store day and managing to get my mitts onto many of the releases I craved as well as being able to play some I'd bought in my teens including some evening session classics! I am now a vinyl junkie! Check out fence records for the best releases on vinyl! Whoop! Right off to play records and make art!

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