Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Poetical goings on down in the brunswick!

Phew!! We had a very well attended and extreemly good opening evening last Wednesday evening (20th July). Myself and Phillip even made some considerable sales for such a small exhibition and I shall now be painting again this week to replace the four that we sold,(4 out of 10 ain't bad for a first night in Swansea!)
It seemed a good time was had by all who attended and the exhibition runs until the 17th of September! There shall be a book coming out shortly with all of the poems and artwork shown in the exhibition from myself and Phil.
I should point out of course that it was not only myself and phillip wjo's work is in the exhibition, Michael Goode a Printmaker working out of Swansea Print Workshop and Jonothan Powell a painter also based in Swansea is showing and myself and Phil would like to give a great deal of thanks to Rose Davies, a fabulous artist and curator.
Here is another piece and poem to wet your appetite, speaking of appetite's the brunnie does great food too and real ale too yummy!...(even for a not-so-often-drinker-like myself!)

Leave a Light On
When I’m alone
and lost in the dark
looking for shelter
from the rain.
When I’m all at sea
and drifting too far
please, leave a light on for me.
When all maps are mysteries
and all directions are lies
when I can’t see for looking
will you open my eyes?
When the tide finally turns
will you throw me a rope?
When the dream slowly dies
will you still be my hope?
When the night is as black
as the night’s going to be,
promise me now
you’ll leave a light on for me.
For I’ve drifted too long
alone and afraid,
I’ve ridden these waves
like the edge of a blade.
I don’t know where I’m going
because I’ve lost where I’ve been
and I’m so scared to look now
for the things that I’ve seen.
So when my vision is blurred
and I’m trapped in these chains
tossed on the seas
by a thousand hurricanes.
When I’m looking for something
but there’s nothing to see
please let me know
you’ll leave a light on for me;
So that when I’m drifting alone
one of life’s refugees
I will never be lost
for your light I will see.

Copyright for words Phillip Mellor and Artwork Kara Seaman 2011